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New in Beaujolais!

A rosé on another level

With its landscapes reminiscent of Tuscany, the Beaujolais is home to a unique varietal, the Gamay grape; and a unique terroir underpinned by granite. And Mommessin has two new wines based on these two exceptional elements. Renovatio Coteaux Bourguignons 2014 is a rosé that brings out the best of the Gamay grape, a perfect summer tipple; and Renovatio Utopia 2014 is a 100% Gamay, aged in oak for a wine that is all about smoothness and vivacity.  Renovatio Coteaux Bourguignons 2014, un rosé croquant pour l’été. Renovatio Utopia 2014, une cuvée 100% gamay élevée en fût de chêne pour un vin tout en rondeur et fraicheur.

A celebration of granite

The Grand Granite range from Mommessin expresses all the potential of the rocky terroir of the Beaujolais, giving rise to spicy, concentrated wines. Gamay de Roche is the very quintessence of Gamay grown over granite. In addition to the Gamay grape, its natural companion, Syrah (Shiraz), also flourishes here. Some years ago, Mommessin experimented in planting Syrah on the granite soils of the Monts du Beaujolais, a similar terroir of the Beaujolais, to the south of Lyon. This now produces the Sirianne cuvée, a fusion of Syrah and granite.

Les Grandes Mises

Mommessin has decided to focus on the excellence of Beaujolais crus. Five exceptionnal terroirs have been selected for their intense personnality to prove that the Beaujolais region produces great, structured and complex wines. This new range of wines vinified 'à la bourguignonne' and called Les Grandes Mises is knighted for the quality of the 2013 vintage. It is now available in wine shops and restaurants. 

Beaujolais Primeur 2015

French Cancan is the topic of the 2015 Primeurs wines which will be soon on the spolights. Joy and gracefullness will be the key words of the campaign whose labels are signed and illustrated by Véronique Poitou.