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The Mommessin Primeurs, a range bursting with flavor

Eté 2009

Primeurs 2009 MommessinThe style of Mommessin’s wines can be defined in two words: elegance and smoothness. The primeurs, these new wines which are released three months before the others, express their youthfulness with great spontaneity. Underlined by a natural fruitiness, their delicate flavors mean one glass inevitably leads to another, brightening up the often gloomy year-end.

The basis of this wine is a rigorous selection of grapes, sorting only the best fruits. Then follows a traditional vinification of Gamay, an exuberant cépage, with a relatively long time in the vat of up to 12 days. This explains the suppleness and delicateness of these wines, in which the tannin has had time to melt, leaving a long and silky finish in the mouth. So it was quite logical to borrow the femininity and vivacity of the Mademoiselle Mommessin brand to embody this alluring wine.

And uniquely, the Maison repeats this exercise in style every year by producing its velvety variations across a range of nouveaux wines, each with their own personality. From the softest cuvée to the most powerful, the list below reveals the rising scale of these primeurs from the very promising 2009 vintage:

  • Mâcon Villages (blanc) : Fresh, nervous and fruity
  • Beaujolais Mademoiselle Mommessin : With a delicious bite
  • Beaujolais Villages Mademoiselle Mommessin : Fruity and full
  • Château de Montmelas : Distinctive and delicious
  • Cuvée Lydie : Aromatic and well-bred
  • Cuvée of x September (date according to day of harvest): Subtlety and elegance

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