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Mommessin goes bubble crazy!

Summer 2011

A sparkle to bring out the varietalLes Fizz de Mommessin

Mommessin is putting a fizz into its Gamay. Sparkling Gamay? Whatever next? But these are not just any old bubbles – these bubbles are red, pink and pearl and are adding three kinds of sparkle into the intensely fruity flavors of the Gamay grape, the King of Beaujolais.

Gamay'fizz Rouge: A lively celebration with blackcurrant and blueberry notes

Gamay'fizz Rosé: Sweet raspberry and cherry flavored bubbles

Gamay'fizz Blanc: Fruity freshness and harmony with peach and apricot

And to complete the range, a surge of light and aromatic notes with the new Muscat'fizz made using the Muscat à Petits Grains grape.

Delicious and refreshing, these fizzes are perfect for sharing as an aperitif or with dessert. The myriad tiny explosions of aroma are like fireworks that enchant the taste buds.

But what is the secret of Gamay'fizz and Muscat'fizz? It is the fact that they are created using the “ancestral method” in vats, which captures all their fruity freshness in a bubble, whilst keeping the alcohol degree at 7.5°.

Gamay'fizz and Muscat’fizz are simple pleasures to enjoy and to share, at the very sweet RRP of €5.90.

*Ancestral method in vats

The sparkle is obtained from pure grape juice rather than from wine. Alcoholic fermentation is triggered naturally at low temperature and is interrupted when the desired degree of alcohol is reached.

The prise de mousse occurs thanks to the natural fruit sugars present. The wine is cooled and then filtered before being bottled. There is between 40-60g/l of natural sugar in the bottle, depending on the vintage which gives the wine its characteristic sweetness and requires that it is enjoyed well chilled. Another particularity is its low degree of alcohol, at around 7.5°.

This method is particularly suited to wines from more aromatic varietals such as Gamay because they allow for a full expression of the fruit.

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