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Rhythm and fantasy for the Beaujolais Nouveau 2010!

Summer 2010

Primeurs 2010 MommessinHow about a dance on Thursday 18 November with Mademoiselle Mommessin?

As it does every year, the house’s Beaujolais Nouveau offers a different theme on its labels, but always in tune with Mommessin’s ineffable spirit.

What could be more agreeable to prepare for winter than a fruity wine with light, playful notes to swing the taste buds?

The cheerful expression of Gamay pulls us into a party whirlwind to the rhythm of the music.

 Mommessin’s Beaujolais primeur is available in a colorful and festive range which never forgets its origins in the vineyards of Beaujolais and its villages.

A red, white and rosé range that is effervescent and melodious:

Mâcon-Villages (white): Fresh, lively and fruity for an electro-pop wine!

Beaujolais Nouveau Mademoiselle Mommessin in red and rosé: Crisp and aromatic, perfect accompaniment for jazz.

Beaujolais Villages Mademoiselle Mommessin: Fruity and full, it dances on the taste buds to a jaunty little ditty!

Château de Montmelas: Distinctive and rich, to a waltz rhythm.

Cuvée Lydie: Aromatic and suavely well-bred, like an Argentine tango.

Cuvée du … (date depending on day of harvest): Delicacy and elegance for a limited edition cuvée, concerto allegro.

Not forgetting the feverish tempo of Sparkling Red for an all-night disco dance-off!

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