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The Beaujolais appellation essentially groups together wines from the region located south of Villefranche-sur-Saône. The vineyards vary enormously, extending over 9,700 hectares overlooking the Saône plain between Mâcon and Lyon and bordered to the west by the foothills of the Massif Central.

Grape varietal

100% Gamay.


Our wine is made from organically grown Gamay grapes from three different plots.

Two of these consist of mainly hard limestone soil and marl slopes covered with scree with some rows of vines planted on residual clay with pieces of chert.

The vines on the third plot are planted mainly on granite with some on siliceous volcanic rock and on schist or bluish rock.

Vine and soil

- Planting density: 8,000-10,000 vines/ha
- Average age of the vines: 45 years old.
- Yield: 30hl/ha.
- Pruning: Cordon or Single Guyot.
- Vineyard management: organic agriculture.

Everything is carefully analysed: the threat of diseases, the numbers of insect pests and auxiliaries present in the plots’ agro-system, the size and number of bunches, the effect of weeds, the state of the vines’ foliage, etc.

Soil management: decavaillonnage (turning over the soil around the base of each vine), light ploughing, work between the vines.

This approach meets two objectives:
- restoring the physiological balance of the vines, the soil and the terroir,
- protection and respect of the environment.

Food and wine pairing

May be enjoyed simply as an aperitif, accompanied by a selection of local charcuterie or a home-made country terrine, or during a meal, accompanied by white meat, grilled food, vegetarian cuisine, savoury tarts, pasta dishes or a lightly seasoned pizza. It also goes very well with mature cheeses.

Serving suggestions

Serve at a temperature of 13-14°C. (55-57°F).

Ageing potential

Already very pleasant, this Beaujolais can easily be cellared for up to five years.