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Les 2 Terroirs

Les Grandes Mises
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This Controlled Appellation, instituted in September 1936, cover the wine produced in four villages from the South of Burgundy : Solutré-Pouilly, Fuissé, Vergisson and Chaintré.

It is the center of the Mâconnais area. The vineyard covers the slopes of the famous cliffs of Solutré (prehistoric site) and Vergison, overlooking Mâcon and the Bresse plain.

Grape varietal

100% Chardonnay.


Lying on a foundation of fossiliferous limestone identical to those found further north in the Côte-d'Or, the Bajocien escarpments of Solutré and Vergisson owe their dramatic profile to the presence of hard fossil corals which have resisted erosion. The vines are planted on the slopes and at the foot of these two hills on claylimestone soils of Jurassic origin mixed with scree from up-slope and, in one spot, schist. The hillsides are cut into by little steepsided streams which give the slopes an easterly or south-easterly exposure. Altitudes : 200 to 300 metres.

Our cuvée come from a rigorous parcels selection from 2 Terroirs :
- Chaintré : The vineyard is South-East facing and lies on ancient soils of the Lias and Trias.
- Solutré : The vineyard faces East on very stony soils of fossiliferous and ferruginous blue marls

Yield: 50 hectolitres per hectare.
The vine is pruned with the “arcure” or “maconnais” method, a derivation of the Guyot method.

This pruning method allows to combat the acrotonie phenomenon, typical with the Chardonnay grape ; it also allows for the protection of the vine against Spring frosts.

Food and wine pairing

Pouilly-Fuissé can be enjoyed young to appreciate its fresh and fruity aromas, either as an aperitif or with dishes such as perch, sea-bream, zander (pike-perch), snails and, with the age, it will be a delight with scallop gratins, chicken in cream sauce, sweetbreads, fois gras, hard cheeses

Serving suggestions

Best served decanted and enjoyed quite cool, between 12° and 14° C. (53-57°F.) to discover its rich and complex flavours.

Ageing potential

This white wine can be kept for 8 years and more.