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Les Grandes Mises
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We all recognise that this most Northern Cru bears a name which is gentle to the ear and to the heart. It is the wine of poets and lovers. If it did not exist, life would be a little less charming. The village of Saint Amour gives its name to this wine. Before that, a long time ago during Gallo-Roman times, a centurion named Amor belonging to the Thébaine Legion, stationed in the Valais region of Switzerland and famous for his Christian faith suffered martyrdom. In all evidence, the ways of lovers, with their pleasures and sorrows, are rarely easy. Today the wine of Saint Amour shows two faces, according to the soil composition and indeed the vinification technique.

Grape varietals

Black Gamay with white juice


The commune of Saint Amour is situated at the crossroads of granite soils, best for red wines and chalk/limestone soils, best for Chardonnay. The siliceous/clay and the clay coated with rocky, pebbly elements come from granite rocks (Triassic sandstone).

Vine and soil

Sol: The vineyards are situated on decalcified siliceous clay. Poor soils, quite hardy, typical of the appellation and its granitic gravel.

Age of Vines: 41 years Yield: 43 hectoliters per hectare

Plots: A rigorous selection of several small parcels on the estate of our grower-partner (representing about 9000 m2). The vineyard benefits from all exposures except the North. The vines, pruned “en gobelet” are worked by sustainable farming methods.