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Our House

A unique commitment
to the renewal of Beaujolais

Our expertise

Burgundian tradition, Beaujolais soul, our House invites you to discover all the potential of a wonderful vineyard. Fruity and easy drinking wines, our Beaujolais wines conceal beautiful surprises. Offering complex wines and making a king of the Gamay varietal, this is our challenge!

Beaujolais wines of exception, unexpected, unsuspected, this is what we invite you to discover. Great Beaujolais that we produce in accordance with the principles of conservation of nature and in the service of a unique terroir; aesthetes and connoisseurs wines which encapsulate our vineyard tradition and identity.

The meeting of two cultures

Heir to the Cluny monks, Mommessin has its origins in Southern Burgundy. In fact, it was at Grange Saint-Pierre, an old outbuilding of the Abbey of Cluny, that Jean-Marie Mommessin, the company founder, set up the business in 1865. The key of Grange Saint-Pierre later became our House’s emblem.

The acquisition of the renowned Clos de Tart in 1932 seals the House's establishment in the heart of Burgundy. Its head office later was transfered in Quincié-en-Beaujolais, after more than a century of presence in the Mâconnais. 

The next chapter in Mommessin’s history is now evolving in the green hills, at the foot of Mount Brouilly, where the company’s innovative spirit and open attitude continues to flourish. Here our expertise and experience, steeped in Burgundian tradition, are transmitted through our wines.

the spirit of mommessin

Exactitude, respect, transparency are the crucial principles of our philosophy which is applicable to the entire winemaking process from vine growing through vinification and maturing to sales. Our constant concern is for quality and excellence.

The spirit of Mommessin is the harsh selection of the vines, the choice of the best plots and the work in partnership with the winegrowers.

The spirit of Mommessin is the use of integrated vine growing and winemaking techniques. Respect for nature through the restriction of the use of plant health products and yield control using ‘green harvesting’ strict pruning and budding.

Our "viniculteur"


More than just a winemaker, “viniculteur”, a neologism created from the words vinificateur (winemaker) and viticulteur (winegrower), illustrates the House of Mommessin’s involvement as much in the vineyards, where wine begins, as in the cellars.

Our “viniculteur” plays a major role in determining the style of the wines because he masters every aspect of them, from the vineyard to the winery.

Florent has been passionnate about vines and wines since he was a young boy and has always been immersed in the world of viticulture.