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Our Beaujolais

All the potential of an exceptional terroir


Our House is now located in the heart of Beaujolais, at the foot of Mont Brouilly.

The Beaujolais region is a symphony of landscapes which please the eye and the senses. The beautiful hills, which welcome the vineyards, are reminiscent of the Toscane region.

On this place of exception, Mommessin made a king of the Gamay varietal, which unveils its rich and varied taste expressions. This varietal contributes to the assertion of a genuine Beaujolais terroir. 

The average altitude is combined with a northern climate, particularly favourable, and the vine is rooted in the heart of the rock. 

A unique varietal

As a well-demarcated terroir, Beaujolais is closely identified with the Gamay grape that reigns here in undisputed master.

To the North this grape varietal gives way to Chardonnay when it comes up against limestone soils. To the South it gives way to the chalk-clay soils that surround the metropolis of Lyon.

Because the grapes themselves hold the key to the wealth of our wines, respect of the fruit is the founding principle that holds sway over each step of our winemaking. Our House chose to minimize human intervention and to ban chemical processes. Humans are in the service of the grappes.


The subsoils are mainly made of a very old decomposed granite rock, similar to that of the Alps and it is perfectly suited to this lively varietal called Gamay. The world's Gamay cartography indicates the Beaujolais is the undisputed kingdom of this varietal.

The soils in this region are diverse and varied: alluvial deposits in the East, limestone influences combined with iron and shale in the North. The terroir is wide, the nuances are infinite, yet the most symbolic is the granite, on which the varietal Gamay is thriving with fervour.