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2021 - 2022

Grape varietal

Black Gamay with white juice.

Tasting notes

A characteristic mineral terroir, associated with a long maceration and oak ageing reveals a remarkable wine. Of red colour with bluish reflections, the nose reveals discreet aromas of violets and peonies. The taste, lightly smoked, follows with a fine balance of silky tannins and red-berry fruits with an excellent long finish.

Serving suggestions

On a fine table, decanted and served at between 16° C and 18°C., it will be a good match with old-fashioned chicken-liver gateau or meat / poultry dishes in sauce such as duck magrets or with goats cheese.

Food and wine pairing

A good match with old-fashionned chicken-liver gateau or meat/poultry dishes in sauce, such as duck magrets, or with goat cheese.

Ageing potential

This Côte-de-Brouilly, bottled in December is full of charm and vivacity in its youth, and will develop its finesse and elegance after a several years (3 to 8 years).


The appellation “Côte-de-Brouilly” was first authorised in 1934 with the vineyard owners on the Brouilly hillside concerned that the wine would lose its identity with the recent extension of the “Broully” appellation. Côte-de-Brouilly is considered richer and more structured in style than Brouilly.


The vineyard, situated totally on the steep slopes of Mount Brouilly is at 400 metres and faces South- West.

It is on granite and very hard schist, of blue colour referred to ask “diorites”.

Mount Brouilly is a former volcano dating back to the Primary era.

Vine and soil

Age of Vines: 56 years-old.
Yield: 52 hectolitres per hectare.

Plots: From a selected vineyard situated at the base of the steep Mont Brouilly slopes, with a rigorous selection on the property of the partner-grower. The vineyard faces East but benefits from fine sunshine thanks to the rounded hillside. The vines are pruned “en gobelet” and managed with sustainable farming methods.

Vinification and maturing

Burgundy-style vinification, grapes 50% destemmed not crushed. Placed in a concrete vat by gravity. Maceration: 22 days with frequent overpumping At the end of the maceration, the over-pumping took place “in closed circuit” in order to extract the colour and preserve the Gamay fruit. The temperature was maintained at 28° C., to extract the matter and fruit, for the necessary suppleness to counter-balance the very mineral terroir.

The wine was put in 6-year barrel by gravity. 228-litre oak Burgundy barrels of French origin, mainly from the Troncais forest undergo a medium “firing” so as not to “mark” the wine too much and give a light toasted style.

Ageing: 8 months in oak barrel.

Vintage : 2014

A round, crispy and aromatic vintage. With an early start to the year, Springtime was warm and dry and limited the vegetative growth of the vine. Summer rainfall in early July helped to accelerate the development of the vine and the grapes. Flowering took place in early June followed by the “veraison” (grapes change colour) at the end of July. The result was a low potential yield with small bunches. Under sunshine and warm weather the harvest started mid September, giving grapes with high potential degrees.

Handpicked on 18th September 2014.